About Us

Thanks for visiting the about page!

My name is Rob, and I’ve been playing the guitar since I was a 12, but my love of music started way before then when I learnt to play the keyboard and read music from the age of 6. I have had formal lessons on playing the guitar and also I studied music in college.

I now play guitar and sing in a band, and sometimes gig with just my favourite acoustic and my own voice. I also run a guitar tuition website, and teach and play the guitar almost every day.

My favourite types of music include anything from heavy metal, through to acoustic blues, through to classical music. When I started out, I only really new classical music, but I guess I slowly progressed towards more rock and blues based stuff.

Due to my guitar tuition website, I’m constantly asked questions about which guitar I suggest people buy, and there are so many options out there that it is very easy to get lost when looking for an acoustic guitar. This is a great shame, as I feel that it’s very important that you find that guitar which is just right for what you want to play, and your playing style.

So, I created this website to serve as a guide for anyone looking to buy a new acoustic guitar. I can’t tell you which one to get, but I do know enough about the guitar (having spent most of my life playing) to advise you on the huge selection out there.

Also, it’s one thing to get all the specifications of a guitar on paper…but what does that all mean? It’s all very well saying a certain guitar has a long scale length, or an inbuilt EQ control…but what does that even mean? On this website, I’ll explain what each of these features is, and what it does to make the guitar better (or worse).

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can get in contact via the contact page in the menu above.

I hope you find this website helpful when looking for a new acoustic.