R.W. Jameson Acoustic Electric Review

This Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar is made by the R.W. Jameson Guitar Company, who state their aim as delivering “fine guitars at affordable prices”- but that doesn’t mean that this guitar is made- or even sounds- cheap!

Sound:2.0 Stars
Construction:3.5 Stars
Playability:3.0 Stars
Value:4.5 Stars

Overall:3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

R.W.Jameson Acoustic Electric Guitar with gig bag, case and picks

Jameson Guitars have a background in musical education, and this means that many of their guitars sound great, are very easily playable and make excellent choices for beginners or guitar students.

This guitar is very popular with newer guitarists, or those studying the guitar- despite the relatively unknown brand.

Key Features of this Guitar

  • Full Size Guitar with Thinline Body
  • Free Gig Bag, Case & Guitar Picks
  • Built In EQ control
  • High Gloss Black Finish
  • Machine heads with die cast tuning gears
  • Scale Length of 25.5″
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Cutaway for easier access to the higher frets

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What we liked

Well, first of all, this guitar is very well made- no dodgy joints or sharp edges that are noticeable.

Definitely looks the part- so you really get your money’s worth in that respect! Also, the guitar is thinner than a regular guitar- so it’s slightly smaller (even though it says “full size”); this will really help beginner players and children first learning to play (although, if they’re especially small we don’t recommend a full size guitar).

Unplugged the guitar has a beautifully warm, woody, and bright tone. It sounds like a guitar almost twice the price! The notes ring out clear and resonate, and the cutaway really helps when playing lead lines and reaching for higher notes (or if you’re playing particularly high chords).

Also, the heal of the guitar does a very good job at staying out of the way when trying to get your hand closer to the body.

When plugged in, the Thinline Electro-Acoustic guitar has passive pickups to translate all that tone into something a bit louder. The pick-ups do their job well, and they don’t add any unwanted bias into the sound.

What wasn’t so good?

Well, with this price of guitar, you do get what you pay for. If you’re a complete beginner, or intermediate player who’s looking for a not-too-expensive guitar to practise on, or use for regular gigs, this guitar is perfectly capable of that job.

However, if you’re a professional player, I would recommend you look for something a bit more high-end.

Also, the built in pickup- although good enough for most things- could do with being a bit better, and the built in EQ control only has one volume and a “high” and “low” tone (usually these guitars come with “high”, “low” and “mid” controls).


Overall, this guitar is a very decent acoustic guitar, at a very reasonable price. However, you should always judge it by what it is- a cheaper acoustic electric guitar.

The guitar sounds great and is fairly easy to pick up and play due to the thinline body type, but the electronics could be better and this guitar is not really at it’s best when played though an amp.

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