G7th Performance 2 Capo Review

The G7th Performance 2 Capo is the second generation ‘Performance’ capo from G7th. The Performance range has been designed to be quick to use, and also keep the guitar in tune. This is the perfect combination for when you’re on stage and need to quickly change between songs.

Of course, it’s also better if you’re just practicing, and don’t want any extra hassle from your capo. Anyway, the second generation has been made even smaller, and lighter, without compromising the tone.

It also has a very easy-to-use ‘squeeze-on; squeeze-off’ mechanism, which I really like. This means you can take the capo off, or put it on, with only one hand. More importantly, it lets you do it quickly– an advantage when playing live!

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Sound:4.5 Stars
Construction:4.0 Stars
Playability:5.0 Stars
Value:4.0 Stars

Overall:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

the g7th performance 2 capo by g7th capos

The G7th performance 2 capo has just enough pressure to clamp onto the strings, but doesn’t pull your guitar out of tune. This is a problem with your standard capo: in order to have enough tension to fret all the strings, they often have to pull them too hard. This sends all the notes slightly sharp, and means you need to re-tune.

With the Performance 2 by G7th, this isn’t the case. Wherever you put the capo on the neck, it stays perfectly in tune. It also manages to preserve the tone and sustain of your instrument…provided you use it correctly!

When I first tried to use this capo, I couldn’t get it to work (as I explain in the video). No matter what I tried, the G and B strings would buzz and the strings would sound dead. I was about to write a bad review…

but then I realized my mistake. You see, these capos have a ‘squeeze on’ and ‘squeeze off’ mechanism. It was the second part that I was missing. If you don’t squeeze the capo onto the strings, it wont hold them tightly enough, and you’ll get dead strings or buzzes.

Having said that, you may have some issues using this capo with really heavy strings. I use gauge 11, and it works fine. However, if you regularly play with 12s or 13s, you might want something stronger.


  • Version tested: Steel String (For electric or acoustic- classical Guitar version also available)
  • Colours: Silver, Satin Black, 18KT Gold-Plate
  • lightning fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action
  • Adjustable Tension
  • One-Handed Operation
  • Clamps Onto Headstock
  • Weight: 52g / 1.7oz

What We liked

First of all, it works. As long as you position it correctly and remember to squeeze it on to the strings enough, it works well. Secondly, it works quickly. You only need one hand to squeeze it on and off the neck, and that takes about two seconds.

We also liked that it doesn’t suck up your tone. This is usually caused by the capo pulling down too much on the strings, which also pulls them out of tune. Because of the way that the G7th performance 2 capo is designed, this isn’t a problem.

It also has all of the parts that touch the guitar covered in rubber. The last thing you want is sharp edges touching your vibrating strings! That’s a sure-fire way to ruin your tone!

It’s also small enough that you can keep it clipped onto your guitar’s headstock when not in use. It seems as if this capo really is designed with the working, gigging musician in mind! If you put it on the right way around (sitting on the top of the neck) it doesn’t interfere with your fretting hand, either.

What We didn’t like

As I mentioned, you have to really make sure you’ve squeezed it on correctly. This may take a while to get used to when you first start using it. Once you’ve figured it out, however, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Except if you have especially heavy strings, I get the impression this capo was designed for lighter guitars. The original Performance capo was heavier, and had the problem of weighing down lighter guitars. One of the differences with the G7th Performance 2 and it’s predecessor is that it’s lighter.

Personally, I don’t like lighter strings on acoustics- I think they lack tone. So, you may also want to check out the original Performance capo if you’re like me. Having said that, I love this capo just for the sheer ease of use. It looks great, plays great, and works quickly!

Conclusions on the G7th Performance 2 Capo

As I said, the G7th Performance 2 is a great capo, and I would definitely spend the extra money that it costs! I mean, sometimes you get what you pay for, and this totally blows cheaper capos out of the water!

Just watch out if you have particularly heavy strings. If that’s the case you might want to check out a heftier capo instead.

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