Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle Review

The Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle includes a full-size ESC-105 classical guitar (made by Fender), Gig Bag, Guitar Stand, and a selection of picks.

This guitar starter set is clearly aimed towards the beginner. It’s probably the most affordable Fender guitar that you’ll find, and the guitar has really been designed with the beginner in mind.

Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle with Gig Bag, Guitar Stand, and Pick Card
Sound:2.0 Stars
Construction:3.0 Stars
Playability:4.5 Stars
Value:3.5 Stars

Overall:3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

First of all, the neck is thinner than a standard classical guitar, which can make chords easier to reach. Also, the strings are made of nylon (of course, this is a classical guitar…), which is much easier on the fingers than steel strings.

What really gives this away as a beginner set is that the Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle is supplied with a selection of picks. This may not seem like an unusual feature…

…until you realize that classical guitars are not designed to be played with a pick!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a pick on a classical acoustic guitar, just that it is unusual. The reason that picks are supplied with this bundle can only be because this guitar is for beginners playing chords and not for classical musicians. Once you realize that distinction, this starter pack starts to make a whole lot more sense.


  • Laminated Spruce top
  • Agathis back and sides
  • 18 fret, nato neck
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge
  • Chrome ‘three-in-line’ open gear tuners with acrylic buttons
  • High gloss finish
  • Traditional Fan bracing
  • Prestrung with D’Addario strings (0.28 to 0.43)
  • 610mm (25.5 inch) scale length
  • Thinner (44.5mm) nut width
  • Natural wood color
  • Includes gig bag, stand and pick card

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Interesting to note, here, is that the scale length (distance between the nut and the bridge) is normal (25.5 inches), but the nut width (and therefore the neck width) is only 44.5mm. A standard classical guitar has a nut of closer to 52mm wide.

This feature means that- while this guitar is still full size- it’s much easier to play if you’re strumming chords. If you want to play fingerstyle, however, this can actually make things a bit more difficult.

What We liked

Fender is a very well known- and well respected- guitar brand, so if you’re looking for a quality, well made guitar at an affordable price, look no further! There are no visible flaws in the construction of this classical guitar, and overall it’s a very well built, beautiful instrument.

Yes, there are cheaper starter sets out there, but consider the advantages in the ESC-105 for the beginner:

  • Softer, nylon strings are easier to fret
  • A thinner neck width means the notes are easier to reach
  • Classical guitars have smaller bodies and so are better for smaller people
  • It’s a very affordable price for what you get

As I said before, the Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle is not for classical guitarists. This may seem strange, and you can definitely play classical music on this guitar, but the included pick selection suggests that this guitar was designed to be strummed.

To that end, the only real difference between this guitar and a steel strung acoustic guitar is that this instrument is strung with nylon strings. Even the neck of this guitar is adjustable as it would be on a western-style guitar.

The sound you’ll get from this guitar probably isn’t the best in the world- but it wont put you off it either. More importantly, chords on this guitar are very easy to hold down due to the nylon strings and thinner neck. This is definitely a plus for the beginner!

What We didn’t like

Well, this is definitely a budget starter set- which isn’t a problem, but don’t expect concert-hall level sounds!

The stand is a nice add on, but it isn’t very sturdy. It’ll be enough for you to stand the guitar on when you’re not playing it. Same goes for the gig bag- it’ll protect your guitar from the rain when you’re transporting it, but it wont help much if you drop it, because it’s a soft case.

Also, this guitar bundle does not include a tuner. One of the main things that can make you playing sound bad is being out of tune! The frustration of not being able to tune the instrument has even caused some people to give up entirely!

Therefore, we really recommend you buy a tuner (and possibly a spare set of strings) to go with this package.

Conclusions on the Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle

Overall, the Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle is a great choice for the complete beginner. It is very easy to play (due to the thinner fretboard and neck) and it sounds great. It would also be the perfect choice if you’re buying a guitar for your child.

The guitar isn’t 3/4 size, but the smaller body style of the classical guitar will really help smaller people or children to get around the instrument.

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