Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Review

The Fender FA-100 is a rich sounding dreadnought acoustic guitar with chrome hardware that offers great value for money.

This particular model also comes with a padded gig bag to protect the instrument on the way to gigs, or guitar lessons.

The guitar features an exclusive ‘Fender’ shape headstock, on a 20 fret neck with a rosewood fretboard. The body includes a Fender pickguard and a rosewood bridge with compensated saddle.

Sound:3.0 Stars
Construction:4.0 Stars
Playability:4.5 Stars
Value:3.5 Stars

Overall:4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought

The Fender FA-100 also has a forward strap button with internal block reinforcement (it’s great to see two strap buttons on an acoustic, many have only one!).

Features of the Fender FA-100

  • Laminated Spruce Top
  • Laminated Agathis back and sides
  • Laminated Agathis Neck
  • 20 fret Rosewood fingerboard
  • X Bracing
  • Rosewood Bridge with compensated saddle
  • Comes with padded gig bag
  • Synthetic bone nut
  • Chrome hardware
  • Exclusive Fender headstock shape
  • Forward strap button with internal block reinforcement
  • Dot position inlays

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What We liked

What can we say? We really like the package! It’s not what we’d call a ‘starter’ guitar, but it comes with a gig bag that is well padded and will surely keep the guitar safe.

The scale length is also shorter than normal on this model, which is useful if you have smaller hands, or are a beginner. The scale length may help you to get those chord stretches, but this guitar still has that dreadnought style body, which tends to mean it may be too large for some people.

To add to the great, rich and balanced sound from this instrument (which will make you want to play for hours), the guitar is also fairly playable. The action doesn’t get really high as you approach the 12th fret, which can be a problem with less high-end models.

What we didn’t like

One of the things that stands out as not so great on this guitar, is that it’s made with laminated wood. This means that- instead of one solid piece- the wood of this guitar is made from layers that are glued together.

Unfortunately, this has an effect on the sound quality because laminated wood doesn’t vibrate like one bit of wood. This means that the Fender FA-100 doesn’t sound as good as it would if it were made from more expensive woods, and is surely a corner that has been cut to keep the price down.

Also, this guitar was made in China- i.e. the labour was outsourced to make it cheaper. This isn’t a huge downfall- as the guitar still works and sounds great. It just might bother some people.

Another point to make is that this acoustic guitar is not great at holding it’s tuning. It’ll tend to slowly go out of tune when you’re not playing it.

Oh, and the Fender FA-100 is not the easiest guitar to play for the beginner- despite having great action all along the neck and a shorter scale length. It’s just not easy on the fingers for some.

In Conclusion

This acoustic would be a great guitar for you if you’re a beginner or if you’re looking for a cheaper guitar that you don’t mind getting abused.

When you progress beyond the beginner stage, you might want to progress to a better guitar, but you don’t have to. This guitar sounds good, and if your ambition is to strum by the campfire, or at a party for a few friends- this is the guitar for you.

The Fender FA-100 would also be great as a gift, but you might want to buy some picks, probably a tuner and a strap- as these don’t come with it.

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