Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Review

The Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar is another great guitar from the guys at Fender!

It has all the advantages and value of something you’d expect from the same company that supplied Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton with their classic electric guitar tones- and here you can get this at an affordable price, including many useful accessories for the beginner.

Sound:3.0 Stars
Construction:3.5 Stars
Playability:2.5 Stars
Value:4.0 Stars

Overall:3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

The fender Starcaster acoustic guitar beginners set

On the surface, this guitar includes a laminated, natural finish spruce top (front), with agathis back and sides, with a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

The chrome tuning keys lining both sides of the headstock complete the look of this beautiful acoustic guitar.

Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Bundle Features:

  • Full-Size Dreadnaught body for a full and vibrant tone
  • Laminated Spruce top, Laminated Agathis back and sides with Rosewood bridge
  • 20 frets on the Rosewood fingerboard
  • Chrome Tuning Keys
  • Accessories include: Hard case, picks, a set of strings, a strap, guitar stand, instructional DVD, string winder, tuner and polishing cloth
  • A great price tag for this level of guitar

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What We like about this Guitar Starter Set

This guitar is a highly versatile instrument that is suited to many different styles of music.

The thin neck makes those big chord stretches much easier to play for the beginner, as all the strings are that much closer together and within reach (with a bit of practice…).

If you were to just see the quality of the guitar, you would expect it to have a much higher price tag (and, to be honest, they probably could charge a lot more from it).

Although, this is a fantastic guitar- even for a gigging musician- the included accessories make sure that you have everything you need if this is your first instrument.

What wasn’t so great?

Although most of the things you’ll need to get started are included in the package here, it doesn’t come with a capo. Don’t get it wrong- this likely isn’t something you’ll miss…at first…

The capo would just be a great addition, seeing as they have included everything else! Don’t worry, though, as capos are not too expensive to buy separately, if you need one.

Also, some people may find the slim neck and fretboard a bit too small, especially adults with larger hands. Having said that, the full-sized dreadnaught body– although creating a beautiful and full tone- may be (or will probably be) way too big for smaller children.

Also, it is obviously that some of the accessories are very “budget” and seem a bit cheap- although they work perfectly fine and there are no problems with them.


Overall, this guitar bundle provides great value for money- especially if you take into account all the valuable accessories that you get with it! The hard case alone is worth about $60!

This guitar would be a great buy for a teenage child, or adult who is just first picking up the guitar. Be warned, however, that if that person has fairly large hands, they may struggle with the smaller neck profile.

Being a full size dreadnaught guitar, I wouldn’t recommend buying this one for a small child or adult who may struggle with the larger body size.

This is a great guitar, for an even better price! It beats more expensive guitars of a similar style!

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