Yamaha C40 Review

Yamaha are a well known brand in both the musical instrument manufacturing industry, and such recognition rarely comes without the assurance of quality. The Yamaha C40 is no exception, even if this is one of the company’s less expensive models.

Sound:2.5 Stars
Construction:3.5 Stars
Playability:2.0 Stars
Value:4.0 Stars

Overall:3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar

This classical acoustic guitar is part of Yamaha’s “C series”, which is in turn part of the entry level range. Since it’s first launch in the early 90s the series has been awarded several awards. As such, this guitar is great for beginners and is widely recognized by students and teachers alike as the instrument of choice.

Yamaha C40 Features

  • Style: Classical
  • Ultra-thin gloss finish
  • 650mm Scale Length (25 9/16″)
  • 94-100mm deep body (3 11/16″-3 15/16″)
  • 52 mm (2 1/16″) wide fretboard
  • Spruce top with Meranti back and sides
  • Rosewood Fretboard and Bridge
  • Nato Neck

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What we liked

This guitar is a very affordably priced guitar in the beginner range, although that doesn’t mean this guitar is poorly made or sounds bad! In fact, quite the opposite. The Yamaha C40 sounds great- enough to keep you wanting to play it again and again!

The guitar is highly responsive to tonal or dynamic variations, and there is no stringbuzz on the frets. Definitely the guitar to go for if you’re looking for value for money on a beginner classical guitar. Having said that, this guitar is also perfectly capable of performing at a gig, or as a second guitar for a professional player (just don’t expect too much at this price, if you are pro).

What we didn’t like

The action on this guitar can be a little high, which is the distance between the frets and the strings. A high action is to be expected with a classical style guitar, but this does make the C40 that much more difficult to play for the beginner (and even the pro guitarist).

It has also been noted that the build quality- although generally great- can have some rough surfaces or edges. Obviously this, in no way, affects the playability of the guitar or the sound. It’s just something to look out for.


This guitar would be a great choice for the beginner guitar player. The nylon strings are softer on your fingers and the size of the instrument is not too large to handle. The tone that it produces is also very beautiful, and it holds its tuning well when being played regularly.

Although I mentioned that this guitar can be played by the professional musician, I wouldn’t recommend it- and don’t expect it to compete with more high-end models.

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