Yamaha FG700s Review

The FG700s is from Yamaha’s FG series- one of their more budget ranges. Described as an ‘entry level acoustic guitar’, it includes some more high-end features such as die-cast tuning pegs, a rosewood fretboard, and a tortoiseshell style pickguard.

Sound:4.0 Stars
Construction:2.0 Stars
Playability:4.0 Stars
Value:3.0 Stars

Overall:3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Yamaha FG700s Budget Acoustic Guitar

The soundboard (top) is solid (i.e. one piece) sitka spruce which is secured with a black and white body binding and set off with a high-gloss natural finish.

Importantly, the finish on the Yamaha FG700s is ‘ultra-thin’, which provides less restriction to the vibrations in the wood. A thicker paint job would deaden some of the sound.

Other features of note include the non-scalloped X-bracing and reverse-L neck block. The neck joint is a hand-fitted dovetail joint– which is very important for transferring the sound through the guitar.

This gives the Yamaha FG700s a very rich, full and balanced sound.

Yamaha’s FG guitars also feature a non-scalloped X-bracing design, for extra strength. It has received excellent reviews from Ultimate Guitar and others.

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Yamaha FG700s Features

  • Solid sitka spruce top
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Die-cast tuners
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Black-and-white body binding
  • Tortoise pickguard
  • High-gloss natural ‘ultra-thin’ finish
  • Non-scalloped X-bracing
  • Reverse-L neck block
  • Hand-fitted dovetail neck joint

What We liked

Well, where should we start? This guitar not only sounds great- a very rich sound with resonant lows and bright highs– it’s also super playable!

The action on this guitar seems to be set up just right, and it’ll maintain it’s tuning for a very long time once it’s settled in.

You’ll probably want to play this guitar for hours, due to the beautiful tone and how easy it is to play. There are no ‘bum’ notes along the neck and the frets seem even, and the neck is free from any deformities.

What We didn’t like

Although this guitar is pretty amazing for the price, there are a few things that could be better.

For example, the nut and bridge are made from plastic, and not bone. This takes a lot away from the tone. If this were a higher priced guitar it would almost definitely have a bone nut and bridge saddle.

These can be changed, if you know a good luthier– and will instantly boost the tone you get from this instrument!

Also, this guitar doesn’t have any electronics installed, so you can’t plug it into an amp (unless you either get some installed, or use a microphone). This shouldn’t take anything away from the value you get with this guitar, but if you want to record it, or use it on stage, it’s definitely something to think about.

Also, you won’t get a case or strap with this guitar- they will have to be bought separately.


This guitar is a fantastic guitar for the price range! It would be perfect for a beginner, or a more experienced guitarist who wants a guitar on a budget.

No, it doesn’t sound as good as more high-end models, but you could argue that it comes pretty close!

There may be better guitars in this price range, but they certainly wont beat this Yamaha by much!

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