Takamine Pro Series EF508KC NEX review

view of the back of the EF508KC NEX by Takamine

The Takamine Pro Series EF508KC NEX is an all Koa acoustic electric guitar from Takamine (pronounced ‘ta-ka-mi-ne’). These guys have been producing top of the line acoustic guitars since 1962, and were one of the first companies to introduce the electro-acoustic with preamp. They are a Japanese company, working out of Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan. The Pro Series EF508KC-NEX is … Read more

Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle Review

Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle with Gig Bag, Guitar Stand, and Pick Card

The Fender ESC-105 Classical Bundle includes a full-size ESC-105 classical guitar (made by Fender), Gig Bag, Guitar Stand, and a selection of picks. This guitar starter set is clearly aimed towards the beginner. It’s probably the most affordable Fender guitar that you’ll find, and the guitar has really been designed with the beginner in mind. Sound: … Read more

Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar Review

The Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar is a full-sized acoustic nylon guitar that claims to blend the craftsmanship of traditional luthiers with more modern construction techniques. Cordoba Guitars are a relatively new brand for classical acoustic guitars- being started up in 1997. Inspired by the beauty of purely acoustic instruments, Corboda guitars are a direct descendent of … Read more