Top Acoustic Guitar Sites

Looking for inspirational videos, tutorials, or just tips on maintenance? There are plenty of websites out there for guitar related information and resources. Here are a few of our favourites, covering everything from classical guitar playing, to steel-strung guitar, to how to look after your instrument.

Check some of these websites out (in no particular order):

New Wave of Acoustic Guitar

The New Wave of Acoustic Guitar covers more modern acoustic styles and focuses on the steel strung acoustic guitar. There are plenty of interviews and videos to watch and read for inspiration, as well as product reviews. This is a great site to visit when looking for new and inspirational sounds and acoustic guitar players.

Classical Guitar Canada

Run by Bradford Werner and with a focus on Canadian music and classical guitarists, Classical Guitar Canada includes some great information from professional luthiers on different type of classical guitars. They even go into how each construction method can affect the tone, feel and technique!

There is also a fantastic selection of practise tips and warmup exercises, and I recommend you also check out the sister site ‘this is classical guitar’, for reviews, sheet music and lessons on playing caring for and making classical guitars.

The Free Guitar Videos Blog

Free Guitar Videos is not specifically about the Acoustic Guitar, but more about guitar playing in general. This is the blog part of the larger Free Guitar Videos website, which has a fantastic selection of free lessons and tutorials on a wide range of styles. There is also a ‘beginner’ section, if you’re just starting out.

The lessons are only 5 to 10 minutes long, and cover rhythm, soloing, fingerpicking, alternative tunings, and more. Also, don’t miss the ‘Top 50 Acoustic Guitar Songs’ blog post!

Classical Guitar

Just as name says, “Classical Guitar” is all about classical, nylon strung guitars.

One of the best features is the list of guitar teachers for classical guitar by country, which can be of great help in finding a lessons in your area. There are also interviews from top players, and advice on things such as: fingernail length practice routine and performance tips. It even has posts on Musicianship and tips on working in the music business (if that’s what you’re into).

Don’t miss the ‘free stuff’- including free guitar instruction Ebooks, exercises and sheet music!

The Acoustic Guitar Forum

If you’re looking for an active community, made up of acoustic guitar players and specifically geared towards the acoustic player, the Acoustic Guitar Forum should be one to check out. You have to register to join the conversation- but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem to gain access to such a powerful resource.

There is general acoustic-guitar-based discussion, through to specific advice and help with acoustic related issues. You’re sure to find a solution to any problem when you ask the site’s over 70,000 already registered members!

The Acoustic Guitar Forum is just a forum, and has no attached main website.

Acoustic Magazine

Acoustic Guitar Magazine is from the UK, and is the website of a regular paper magazine. The magazine itself is available in either hard copy, or electronic (downloadable) format, and you can subscribe via the website.

The website includes news, gig guides, interviews, acoustic guitar reviews and technique lessons all dedicated to the acoustic guitar and acoustic guitar playing.

Abhi Guitar

This site is run by Abhinav Sonkar and focuses on Hindi Guitar playing and related music styles. However, the guitar lessons on the site are not specifically Hindi, and relate to all kinds of guitar playing.

There are plenty of great lessons and tutorials on the guitar basics for beginners, and it includes guitar chords and tab for various Hindi songs. I would check out this site even if you’re not into Hindi music, because of the great lesson content!

Six String Soul

Six String Soul is not just about the acoustic guitar, and definitely focuses more on gear, setup and guitar equipment (especially ‘vintage’ or ’boutique’ equipment).

There are also lessons on theory and guitar techniques, and some excellent tutorials and interviews. Don’t miss this one is you’re- in any way- a bit of a gadget geek!

The guitar store has new and used equipment (both acoustic and electric), with very clear and detailed explanations of what each device is and/or does.

Will Kriski Guitar

Definitely one for you if you’re into your Jazz Guitar! Practical jazz guitar instruction with a real focus on actually getting to play guitar, and not being weighed down by theory.

Will Kriski- the site owner- studied at Jazz College, and there is a selection of free lessons, how-to’s and tutorials to show for it. The lessons go right from the basics (as basic as ‘Jazz Guitar’ can really be) and are really well thought out and explained- so that you really don’t need a PhD in Jazz theory to understand and play!

He also offers more personalized tuition via Skype or webcam (not free).

Guitar Lifestyle

Guitar Lifestyle is run by Josh, from Nashville TN and covers both acoustic and electric guitars. Although focusing more on equipment reviews and maintenance tips, there are also plenty of tutorials and lessons for the aspiring guitarist of any genre.

Here you will find masterclasses from beginner to advanced guitar playing, and the blog is regularly updated with guitar related opinions and news. There is also a section for bass guitar.